Tre’Davious White is a Tiger! 1
Written by Derek Ponamsky, Publisher   
Saturday, 04 February 2012 18:30

During the days between his visit to LSU for the Boys from the Boot and his return trip for the LSU Junior Day today all Tre’Davious White could think about was making a commitment to LSU.

On Saturday, on the campus of LSU he told Les Miles he would be a Tiger.

For White, the recruiting process is history. And getting it done was all he could think about when his family departed Shreveport.

“Basically, it was the only thing on my mind the whole way down. My parents and I talked about it, and for us it was always about LSU. It is the perfect situation for me. That’s why all I wanted to do today was tell Coach Miles I want to be a Tiger.” White said.

A quarterback at Green Oaks in Shreveport, the 3.9 GPA student is completely open to doing whatever he is asked to do to help the LSU football program.

“Coach Miles told me he will do with me what best helps the team. And that’s what I want to do. If that is catching passes, covering receivers or fielding punts and kickoffs I will do whatever I can to help LSU win.”

White had an up close view for a similar athlete from his hometown who went through the exact same process at LSU. White and former LSU All American Morris Claiborne are god-brothers.

Seeing his family member handled well by the LSU staff has White confident in his future.

“I saw what they did with Mo, and I know this staff knows how to make sure they get the most out of talent. They took him, tried him at receiver and then moved him to corner. They found the best way to use him to help the team win. I love that. And I know that is what they are going to do with me.”

White also leaned on Claiborne before making his decision, getting his opinion on what was the best for him.

“Mo is the guy I talk to about everything. Since I was six he is my god-brother. He is like my real true brother. We talk every single day, and I go to him for everything. He knows what the coaches at LSU did for him and he makes me very confident in them finding the best way for me to use my potential to benefit myself.”

Another person that White has been talking to a lot is LSU tight ends coach Steve Ensminger, who has handled his recruiting for the LSU staff.

“It’s been great dealing with Coach Ensminger. He calls me every chance he gets. He came to the school a couple of times already and for me he is a guy I am just totally comfortable with. He knows what it’s like to be a player at LSU and he is a guy who I can relate to.”

Now that he is past his commitment adding talent to his class is now the top of his list.

“I am going to make sure I become involved in putting this class together. I feel that being a part of the LSU program is a gift and I want to make sure other people know.”

Being the third member of the LSU class for 2013 and the first from North Louisiana, White wanted to make sure he steps forward for his part of the state.

“I’ll just say this, Shreveport is a big LSU part of Louisiana, and I am proud to represent that. I know LSU is the right place for me.” He added, ”LSU is definitely the right spot for me.”