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Players' Take: Florida
Written by Hunt Palmer, Senior Writer   
Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:57


Junior DT Bennie Logan on the toughest place to play in the SEC: "(Florida) and Bama. The thing about playing in the Swamp is that it's very loud. The fans are going to support them if they're winning or losing. They always play us tough there. They play with confidence when they're at home. It's just college football. Everyone wants to protect their home turf. Coming into their home being ranked where we are, they're going to play us tough."

Logan on the message from the coaching staff this week: "Focus. That's the biggest thing this week. We've been losing our focus the last couple of weeks. We need to pick it up as a team. It was a learning experience when we play Towson. A lot of players understand what a lack of focus can do to you, so we just need to have leadership."

Junior safety Eric Reid on intensity: "Hopefully, since it's Florida, the intensity will be better, the focus will be better. That's what we need. This is a heck of a second half of the season for us, and it's going to be crucial if we want to get to the championship at the end of the year. We need to stay focused and take it one game at a time."

Reid on Florida's offense: "They are a little more conventional this year than they were last year. Last year they were  an awkward situation trying to figure out who their quarterback was. This year, they have one. He can run the ball and throw the ball. We have to get in the film room and break down the film to find some tendencies."

Junior LB Kevin Minter on playing Florida after the 41-11 win in 2011: "They're probably going to come in with a chip on their shoulder, which is what it should be. I would if I came out on the losing end of that game. We just have to come out and do our thing, get back to our fundamentals."

Minter on 'flipping the switch' and focusing this week: "I think so. I'm almost positive that it's on just about everyone's mind. It's Florida week. It's what you come here for. I'm sure my teammates are just like me. They can't wait to get down there."

Junior QB Zach Mettenberger on the fumble last week: "My game is definatly not running around in the pocket. I'm a north-south type guy. I've had to try to create plays and, out of frustration I guess, tried to make plays. I just need to stick to the gameplan and my abilities. If I can do that, we'll be fine."

Mettenberger on overcoming injuries: "It's part of football. People get hurt. It's all about the guys behind them stepping up and making plays. (Josh) Dworaczyk and (Alex) Hurst have done a good job replacing (Chris) Faulk. The other 35 running backs we have behind (Alfred) Blue have done a great job."

Sophomore OG La'El Colins on the Florida defense: "They're tough, physical guys. But we're physical, too.We pretty much just come out and work hard."

Junior LB Luke Muncie on Fr LB's Kwon Alexander and Deion Jones who repalced him Saturday: "They did really good. They came in and did their jobs. There were mistakes, but they're young and they're only going to get better as time goes on."

Muncie on Florida's offense: "Florida is a hostile place. They have crazy fans. This week's preactice is huge. As long as we can prepare, and we now what they're gonna run, we'll be fine. They had bunch of young guys last year. Now they've grown up. They look more downhill. I wouldn't say physical is the word, but it's a different style of running." 




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