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Coach's Take: Kent St.
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 12 September 2013 13:11


Opening thoughts on Kent St….

It's real interesting, you watch Kent State, a year ago they were a team that was one win away from playing in the Orange Bowl.  They beat a very salty Rutgers team on the road.  They have a running back who sprained his ankle and did not appear in the Bowling Green game, very talented running back.  They have a very, very explosive return player, a quarterback that can really throw it.  Paul Haynes comes from Arkansas with an Ohio State background.  They're going to be well coached.  They've got a good scheme.  They have good personnel.  They've got a nice defensive line that's real active and shows real speed to the ball. We're going to have to play well.  And again, this one is an opponent that will motivate us to prepare well, but we're going to prepare well because our team needs to improve.  I think our guys kind of got that hint last week, and I think that if they continue to show improvement, the back end of this thing we'll be where we want to be.

On using non-conference games to get young players ready…

Yeah, I'm certain that with each game comes clarity.  That's never really something that I'm pushing for over the first goal, victory.  I think there's preparation. The one thing that we've done here, we've told our team that we go through a process that starts Sunday at 11:30 when I meet with special teams guys.  We go through that game plan and that daily piece of our weekly schedule, and we go by nobody.  We don't take anything for granted.  We recognize that we're playing a quality opponent.  We're going to give that opponent our respect and our preparation. It's very difficult for me to go beyond that.  I recognize the fastest way to improve is to prepare well for the opponent that you're about to play and then show that you prepared well by playing that way.  And then if something else happens and you can evaluate talent thereafter, that's fine, but I'm telling you, it's an afterthought.

On Tre’Davious White and Rashard Robinson…

Well, I watched Tre'Davious White in that game, in that film after, and saw him make a couple nice tackles, saw that he covered pretty well.  I think he's a guy that we could look to put into games when it's important.  And I think Robinson has the same ability.  For a guy that arrived just recently and has the confidence to step out and play in that stadium, to me that's a ‑‑ I think both of those guys are guys that we can look forward to playing significant snaps as we go forward.

On playing Anthony Jennings this week…

I'd like to get 60 or 65 to Zach, and I'd like to get 15 to Anthony.  That would be on a wish list, well behind, not to compete with victory as the first piece. We gotta get him into the game. We’ve got to get him snaps because the second quarterback spot is one of those things, you hope he doesn’t have to go in the game, but when he does go in the game it’s awfully important that he plays well.

On Kent St RB Dri Archer…

He’s just a very fast, very elusive receiver, back, returner. Just, whatever. He’s just an extremely fast guy.

On Jeremy Hill’s progression this week…

He’s looked better. He’s going to factor in. He’s prepared to take more carries. He’s getting a good share of practice carries.

Trai Turner post-Kent St
Mettenber post-Kent St

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