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Players' Take: Kent St.
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 12 September 2013 13:51


Junior defensive end Jermauria Rasco on the LSU defense…

One of the things we need to improve on is our tackling. There’s been a lot of misjudging. We’re going to have to hear that in a little bit from our coaches. There is also a lot of technique stuff that we have to work on. After halftime we got a speech from our coach. We got our minds right real quick. Basically we had to make Coach happy.

Senior Linebacker Lamin Barrow on missed tackles…

I can speak for myself. Sometimes you get a little too anxious. Sometimes you’re trying to get to that ball so fast, you never know what type of move the player is going to make. We’ve got to focus on our technique. We’re known for big hits around here, and sometimes guys try to go for that shot and they miss.

Barrow on the difference between the second and third quarter last week…

I think it was just the attitude. After the second quarter we got with our coaches, talked with and got everyone fired back up. After we jumped out to a lead in the first quarter we got a little too comfortable. We had to put our foot back on the gas pedal.

Sophomore cornerback Jalen Mills on missed assignments against UAB…

We just have to have better communication. We have to settle down and talk to each other about what we have to do. We had some young guys who aren’t normally on the field, and they’re thrown into the fire. They might have been a little bit nervous.

Junior wide receiver Jarvis Landry on Zach Mettenberger’s preparation…

I came (to the football operation facility) at about twelve o’clock (Monday), and he was in the quarterback meeting room already. That just shows his commitment to this team and this football program. Coach Cameron has done a great job of molding him into an NFL-style quarterback and treating him like an NFL quarterback.

Junior wide receiver Odell Beckham on the passing attack breaking out…

It’s just a product of getting older and you get better over time. You mature over time. We’re all getting used to that. We’re not where we want to be, but we’re getting there.

Trai Turner post-Kent St
Mettenber post-Kent St

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