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Coach's Take: Ole Miss
Written by Hunt Palmer, Senior Writer   
Thursday, 15 November 2012 21:01


On Senior Day: “We will recognize 14 seniors, a group of men that have accomplished a lot in their time. The seniors have won 41 games. Fifth-year seniors have won 49 games. They were the first 13-0 regular season in school history. They were the first conference champions completely undefeated. Played every game ranked in the Top 25, the fourth-year seniors. Fifth year seniors all but two games in the Top 25. They have set the school record 22 consecutive wins in Tiger Stadium, and certainly something they’ll look back on and have a great appreciation for.”

On Ole Miss: “We recognize that this team has us marked on their calendar. And certainly we’ve been involved in a number of very competitive games and recognize that there’s a history between the two schools. We’ll look forward to playing a very competitive game in our stadium.”

On the Ole Miss defense: “Their defense is quality. The fact that they’re allowing 27 points, but in this league they’re running into some very good offenses. They lead the conference in sacks.”

On the Ole Miss offense: “They’re really ranked in most of the major categories. They’re second in the league in third down conversions. They’re very, very capable.”

On motivating the team with a bowl game: “I think there’s a chance, very outside chance, that we could end up as the west division representative in the Conference Championship game. We’ll certainly play to that until we know. I think the opportunity to play a dominant style of football is really a reward, the understanding that that makes you more attractive to these bowls. I think we understand that. I can promise you that this team will want to play a quality opponent in a prestigious postseason bowl game. I think they’ll play to that goal.”

On Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace: “He’s done a great job throwing the football. Gets it out of his hands very quickly, makes great decisions. And again, very good on third downs. Bo Wallace is very capable. We recognize it. We’ll have to pressure him, both with rush and coverage. They're doing the things that make his skills more productive.”

On the crowd leaving early vs. Miss St.: “I gotta be real honest with you. The way that stadium played really spoke to us. I enjoyed those people that were in that stands. I did not notice departure until, in my mind, we were well ahead. I did understand some of that leaving. In the key pieces of the game, when the home team needed a little spark, that stadium came to life.”

On sophomore tight end Nic Jacobs: “We have a little team violation there. He’s not slated to play this week. I’m not certain (how long he’ll be out) at this point.”



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