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Coach's Take: South Carolina
Written by Hunt Palmer, Senior Writer   
Thursday, 11 October 2012 11:10


LSU Head Coach Les Miles on coming off a loss: ““Our football team is certainly stunned a little about the outcome. I think that is right. I think that they are looking forward to playing in Tiger Stadium. I think that they are looking forward to playing well in front of their friends and family in Tiger Stadium. We are going to play a very good football team. I want Tiger Stadium to be a loud and very difficult place to play for our opponent. Our football team is going through some changes. We need to play better in a number of ways. It is not an effort thing. I enjoyed my team’s effort. We have to play smarter and with a wisdom that allows us to use the advantages that we were given in that game. In our view we have to run it and throw it better. The combination of the two is what makes it so difficult for us to be defended.”

On playing South Carolina: “South Carolina is a tremendous team. They have a good defense to go with a quality offense. They have a mobile quarterback. They have a very good running back in Marcus Lattimore. Again, they are a very quality team and it is going to take a great effort from us to play well. We look forward to playing in Tiger Stadium. I think that you will find that our team will play their best in Tiger Stadium. It is an interesting thing too because for the first time in a year and a half we are talking about a regular season loss, and it is miserable for us. Our football team is not enjoying it and certainly our coaching staff as well. I can’t imagine you are as well.”

On the predictability of plays: “We certainly understand self-scouting and recognize it. The interesting piece is we are a predictable bunch - we’re going to run it or we’re going to pass. We run things that I think are specifically different and give different choices for the defense. If they’re heavy in the box, then certainly we like throwing it. If they’re a team that’s backed off, then we like running it. I think there’s a pretty constant theme there, but I think that’s throughout college football. I think that when we’re in certain sets we are predictable. All that predictability doesn’t allow them to defend us any differently. We’re putting some new guys on the field, and I really think that given some time, we’ll be a pretty strong defense and offense as we get going.”

On USC QB Connor Shaw: “I think what they’ve done with him, is he’s the guys that really gets the ball into the hands of those guys that make it work. He’s a very, very mobile quarterback. It’s an opportunity for him to do the things he needs to do. With Marcus Lattimore and the many talented guys he has around him, that makes it work.’

On Steve Spurrier as a head coach: “I didn’t see him much at Florida. I know that he was very successful there, but one thing about South Carolina is that they’ve recruited really well. I think they had struggles early on when they had quarterback problems, and now that they have the quarterback situation ironed out, I think they’re a much improved football team.”

On USC DE‘s Jadeveon Clowney and Devin Taylor: “I think their defensive ends are very talented, as talented as any. I certainly would compare their abilities with the very best in the country. Clowney is very athletic, long leverage. Whjat we can do to contain him is put more than one body on him, go the other way, and rise to the level of competition and play well.”

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